Friday, August 28

Mini trip... Buena Vista July 13th

Next trip with Stacey and the boys.... Buena Vista. Love that name, but the name sounds more romantic than the campground actually is. It was nice though. They had a nice pool, and a little lake. It was cedar water, which didn't appeal to the kids, but they were happy to wander the edge and play in the sand. It was really nice. Since Sta is working, we only had a few days. What was nice was check in time was 1:00, but they let us park just inside the grounds early, and use, basically, the whole camp. And we were allowed the same privilege after checkout. Some places don't allow that. Or they charge you for a half a day. Since Lily is self contained, it was fine. We went in the water for a while, had lunch, then went to the site. They had mini golf. The boys love that. That also had an awesome water slide! It was really nice. I think you can go to the water slide without staying at the park. It was only $3 per person, for a half hour. A half hour of running up the stairs was plenty for me... Liam absolutely refused to go on the water slide. No changing that boys' mind. EVER. 

Shame, cause he would have loved it. So he made quick friends with the lifeguard in the pool below. She let him play in the water. Wyatt loved it. These little trips are nice, cause I can find and make a list of little things that need attention. Then I let them know when I return Lily. Sun, water, campfire and s'mores, beautiful weather... What more could a person ask for?? Oh, ice cream, and yes, they had that....

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