Saturday, August 29

My First Solo Trip July 29th

My first solo trip! Picked up Lily at 9:00 am. I got organized and
then went and got Gas and Propane at Five Points. I was very glad to
find that place! Rather convenient, and they were helpful, and
reasonable. Close to home with easy in and out. Before leaving on my
trip, I was picking up Mary Ellen and Mary to celebrate Mary's
Birthday. Mary hadn't seen Lily yet, so that was fun. We went to a
little Italian place in Gibbstown. I got Chicken Cacciatore and
Spaghetti, and saved half for dinner on the road. We had a very nice
lunch. Mary is still recouping from her fall. It's been a long road
for her. My sweet and generous friend Mary Ellen insisted on paying
the check, she said it was a going away present. Love that girl! After
lunch we went back to Mary's and sat out in the RV and and had a
chocolate cake, and I mean chocolate, from Wegmans. We talked for a
while, and then I dropped Mary Ellen off at @ 2:45 and hit the road.
I had an intentionally very loose plan. I planned on traveling the
back roads. I found out later in my trip not all plans to not plan are
perfect. Who'da guessed?? But off I go into the wild blue yonder! I
drove through Princeton to Morristown. It was a beautiful drive. I
had been to Morristown 30 years ago, and wanted to return. Well,
Morristown has really grown in the past 30 years.... I drove around
and around and around, and finally found 2 parking meters together. I
pulled in and patted myself on the back. I am on top of the world.
Hummm... quarters.. I only had 4. And two meters together, you guessed
it, they were a couple blocks from the stores and the possibility of
change. Okay, so you do need to plan a few things. So that quick...
the beautiful blue skies turned black, opened up and it didn't rain,
it was more like a flood falling on me. I sat there for awhile
wondering what to do. Then I realized people were driving by very
slowly giving me the evil eye for taking TWO parking spaces in this
crowded little city. I think I must put my four quarters in the meter
NOW, so I can think. Ah! Stacey made me buy that umbrella! Where could
it be? In the locked outside compartment on the other side. I'll run.
Quarters in hand, I jump out. Two quarters in each meter. I can now
stay in Morristown for 24 freakin' minutes. I get back in the RV. I
could have swam the ocean and been drier. But I am in my little home
on wheels. I can change my clothes. I'm starving. I'll put my dinner
in the microwave, and peel off the the wet clothes. They sit in a
puddle while I dry off and get dressed. Sniff, sniff... is that
smoke?? Then I realized I burnt my dinner. IN THE MICROWAVE! Damn. So
apparently, I can't take my little old attention span two feet away
from what I am doing. I now have about 5 more minutes on my meter. I
don't even like Morristown anymore. Well, I was hungry. It was a bit
crunchy, but it worked. (When I got home Donna asked me how it was
cooking in my Microwave/Convection Oven. Then a small (sad) smile
crossed her face when she realized who she was talking too. I don't
remember if I told her about my first meal.... I swear to God, I used
to cook. And my cooking never hurt anyone... ) My meters have expired.
In big red letters. Time to go. As I sat there, trying to pull out, I
realized this was my first Lily rain, and I had a wonderful Zen moment
listening to the beautiful sound of the rain on the roof. It was
absolutely beautiful. I pull out. Where am I going??? I'm getting out
of Morristown. I drove for awhile, and realized this was another
first. I was driving in the rain. And I was doing fine. Why does this
all feel so good? It just does. Drove for awhile, and then I pulled
over and iPhone'd the closest Walmart. Not too far. I arrived at about
8:00 in Newburgh, NY. Lots of other RV's already there. I went in and
shopped for awhile. (Prices here amazed me. Everything was $1, $2 or
$3 cheaper than Jersey). Thank you Walmart. I know a lot of people
hate you. I don't. I love you! What a day. Good night. It is time for