Thursday, August 27

Yogi Bear Campground July 4th

It is actually more than a month later, and I am pretty much writing from memory here. Good luck with that. I have never been good at remembering detail. I just have too much going on in my brain to store all the information. But what I remember....
I feel pretty comfortable driving the RV. I don't like backing it up, but I'll get that in time. Just take it nice and easy, ask for help and it will be fine. Got a nice site, at the end of the road, which was very nice, because it gave the boys a lot more space and freedom. Plenty of dirt and sand to dig in, so they were happy! This was a great campground for the kids. A lot of activities, and they had a great idea here. Every morning the park had a "clean-up" The kids get a small trash bag and plastic gloves, and walk around and pick up trash. That place was so clean, it was hard to actually find any trash! That was ok, they didn't have to fill the bags, just try. It was great. Started good conversation about littering, and responsibility. When they returned their bag, they had a choice of a small ice cream cone, a soda or a candy bar. Great idea! And the cleanest park around!
They also had a nice pool. The boys are doing great swimming! They are like fish! They have been taking swimming lessons, and they were well worth it! I enjoy the pool so much more now than I used to. I could take it or leave it before. Ed spent a day, which was nice. They had a matchbox car ramp, the kids loved it. They made Yogi Bear pillowcases in the craft area. They were very nice and they were also reasonable. Ed really enjoyed that. LOL.
Danielle and the kids came to visit for the day. That was very nice. We are only 30-40 minutes from home.... The weather was great the whole time we were here. NICE!
I feel comfortable with the workings of the RV. I am surprised at how easy it is. I guess I expected it to be a bit more difficult to figure out. So glad it's not.
They had a dirt bike hill that was nice. Stacey and I brought chairs and sat and talked, while the boys played. They ran up and down the hill forever! They are not real into bikes yet, but I kept thinking how much Brian and Sam would LOVE this! Of course, if you combined the running and riding, I'm sure we would have gotten to visit the local hospital : ) Just got back from a visit, just before I got the RV. But I missed them none the less. And am going back for Sammy's 7th birthday.
Got propane on the way out, and learned that for the convience of getting it at the park, you pay twice as much. Didn't really see that coming. So better planning next time.
Brought Lily back to the dealer. I have free parking there for a year. It's 20 minutes from home, so that works.


  1. So are the boys your kids? grandkids? Propane is interesting - sometimes easy to find, sometimes difficult, depending where you are. And they don't post prices like gasoline stations do. And sometimes they give it to you in gallons and sometimes in pounds. Go figure.
    Sounds like a great park to camp with kids.

  2. Stacey is my daughter, the boys are my grandkids. Two live close by, my other daughter and two grandson are in NH. This was a great place for kids. They had a really nice time. And yes, propane is interesting, had such a hard time finding it the first time out! It gets better every tme I figure something new out! I must tell you, I spent a whole evening reading your entire blog! Found it so interesting and inspiring. Loved going through your whole journey! Thanks.